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Cosmic Brownie Crumbs
Cosmic Brownie Crumbs

Cosmic Brownie Crumbs

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This is a hybrid textured slime with half being a snow fizz and the other half being a white glue bingsu. Topped off with rainbow foam beads and rainbow sprinkles. The textures mix into a really sizzly and crunchy texture that really resembles crumbs! This slime is really dense and holdable. Scented like fudge brownies. Please note this slime may mix in transit.


This product is recommended for ages 7 and up. Please do not purchase if at risk of allergy to fragrances, lotion, borax, glue, shaving foam, baby oil, chemicals, clay, or scented oils.

All slimes from Phamtasticslimes are NOT EDIBLE. Please do not consume. Consumption of slimes may cause harm.

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Due to weather conditions, slimes may arrive sticky or a little hard. This can be fixed by following the instructions on the packing slip or using the instructions on my FAQ's page.

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